Knowledge is Power... - Elan Divon
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Knowledge is Power…

If you act upon it

Speaking Topics

Accelerating personal growth, * The art of change and transformation, * Millennial issues, * Finding and mastering purpose, and * Preparing for success.
To book Elan for your next conference or event, please contact Nicole Manes at or fill in the request form. Below are testimonials and select keynotes. We look forward to hearing from you!

Groups Elan has addressed include

“Elan is a brilliant young man and emerging leader whose wisdom and insight will benefit future generations.”
Deepak Chopra
Melanie Novis
“Passionate. Original. Powerful. Enlightening. That’s Elan Divon.”
Melanie Novis,
Award Winning Speech Consultant & Author
“Elan delivered a superb presentation at our Tiger 21 meeting in Toronto. Elan has an extraordinary ability to see things that other people don’t – and bring value, intelligence, and inspiration in the process.”
Thane Stenner,
Managing Director and Founding Member, TIGER 21 Canada


Preparing for Success

Discover five powerful teachings that can transform your life, and set you up for success. Drawing upon five universal teachings from across the religious spectrum and demonstrating their application in our lives today, this presentation provides a road map for success and shows how to create a lifestyle driven by your authentic values and aspirations.

The Initiation Master Class

This presentation and interactive workshop explores the universal sequence of change and transformation in human beings, and what it takes to get out of an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship, situation, or status quo. It also reveals four models or mental thresholds all people must cross in order to emerge into their highest, brightest and most powerful selves.

The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship

Applying ‘spiritual laws’ and ancient wisdom to the business world, this presentation unpacks the key elements of the entrepreneurial spirit, and how aligning with these elements will maximize creativity, productivity, and performance in your company or organization. Geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone running a business or in the process of growing one, this keynote always delivers.

Deconstructing the Demon: Five proven steps to overcoming your deepest fears.

We delve into the nature of fear, why it exists, what it represents within us, and ultimately, how to face and overcome it. Throughout the presentation we learn how fear ‘illuminates the place where our power lies’, and how it can point us in the direction of our greatest opportunity for growth and development.